By March 10, 2012

Growing A Garden Can Encourage Healthy Eating

What are some of the reasons you use to quit your diet plan of healthier eating? There are plenty of excuses you probably devise. Some of the more frequent reasons are that it’s too expensive, too boring, and you miss eating food that tastes good.

If these problems are too much of a concern for you, then dieting may require more than just trying to ignore them; but instead focus on trying to find a solution. Look for ways to make your diet more enjoyable, and more cost effective. One solution that is becoming popular is to grow a home garden.

If you go to a grocery store, you’ll see that it’s exceedingly cheaper to buy sugary fruit flavored snacks with artificial flavoring, than actual fruit. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be easy to pass up when unhealthy foods are much cheaper and have a much longer shelf life.

Growing your own garden can make fruits and vegetables far more practical in a number of ways. First, it can save you money in the long run. Buying the initial supplies and getting set-up might make a home garden a little more expensive in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be producing your own seeds, your own compost, and your own food. It can eventually pay for itself.

Once your garden is up and running to its full capacity, you’ll be getting healthy food straight from your own backyard. This will save you money in more ways than one. Fruits and vegetables are notorious for going bad quickly. If you don’t use them right away you have to throw them out. A big reason for this is because the food is first harvest, then processed, then shipped out on a truck, brought to a grocery store where it sits on a shelf, and then eventually makes its way to your home. Fruits and vegetables go bad so fast because the majority of their shelf life has already been spent by the time it ends up in your kitchen. With your own garden, the veggies go straight from their vine, into your home. You’ll be amazed how much longer they last.

When you have your own garden you’ll also know exactly how the food was grown. You won’t have to worry about what kind of chemicals or pesticides your food was sprayed with before reaching the grocery store.

Perhaps the best part of keeping a garden is that it can be relaxing, fulfilling, and enjoyable. It just feels good to eat veggies that you grew with your own hands. Think about it. If you have a vegetable and a candy bar from the grocery store both sitting on your table, which one do you want to eat? Now let’s change the scenario so that the fruit or vegetable was something you grew yourself. You’re suddenly a lot more eager to try the fruit of your labors (literally). Gardening can help make a diet fun, and adds an extra level to your sense of accomplishment when you bite into those fresh foods.

If you end up with an excess of food you can always share with neighbors. Or you might want to set up a stand at the local farmer’s market. You can make some extra cash and provide your family with healthier foods… all thanks to your home garden.