By February 9, 2012

Start Your Meal With Fruit to Eliminate Over Eating

Once we start eating, it’s difficult to stop until we feel truly satisfied. Sometimes, we don’t stop until we’re ready to burst. Even if we’re at the point that we can barely eat anymore, we still find ourselves being tempted by dessert.

If you want to have a successful diet, you need to know ways to make a basic meal more satisfying, so that it doesn’t escalate into over indulgence.

One thing to keep in mind is that we want to experience certain tastes when we eat. Often we want more than just one taste during a meal. This is why desserts, appetizers and side dishes are so common. Who wants to eat just one thing? This creates a problem for dieters, however. No one who wants to lose weight is going to have much luck when stuffing everything they can into one meal.

You need to find ways to balance your meal without making it too fattening. One great trick is to start every meal with some fruit. This works on multiple levels.

Dessert is the most infamous of dinner course because it’s so fattening. There are lots of other foods that can be fattening, such as red meat; but meat at least offers protein. Many desserts are almost pure sugar, with little or no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The best way to combat dessert is to find something sweet but isn’t as bad for you as triple fudge lava cake.

Fruit is one of your best options for getting a sugar fix. Eating too much fruit can still be fattening. But it would take a lot of apples to match the unhealthy properties in one slice of cake. Many fruits also have vitamins and lots of fiber. The fiber keeps the sugar from spiking your glucose levels the way refined sugar does.

Starting a meal with fruit gives you your sugar fix early on. Since you got yourself a taste of sugar, it leaves you less tempted to have dessert after the meal.

You may be wondering why you’re eating the fruit at the beginning of the meal. If the fruit is replacing dessert, then wouldn’t it come at the end of the meal? Well, unlike the dessert; the fruit you’ll be eating will likely be healthier than most of the entrée. It’s this key difference that will make you want to eat the fruit first instead of last. Since you eat the healthiest part first, it leaves less room for the unhealthy stuff, afterward. Eating too much fruit and not being able to finish your fried chicken is a lot better for you than the reverse. Let’s face it. If you put off the healthier stuff until the end of the meal; you’ll keep eating the bad stuff until you no longer have room.

Eating a big bowl of fresh fruits and veggies will make your meal feel more satisfying and keep your calorie count lower.