By February 4, 2012

What You Drink Can Make A Huge Difference in the Success of Your Diet

When you think about your diet, typically the first thing that comes to mind is what you eat. Fried chicken versus skinless white meat, cheese and broccoli casserole versus just plain broccoli, sugary cake versus sweet fruit, and so on.  But what you drink is just as important, even more so for some people. The difference between sodas and milkshakes from water and juice is absolutely staggering. You can destroy the effectiveness of your diet quickly by drinking the wrong beverages.

In some ways, what you drink is even more dangerous than what you eat. Both are important to your diet, but what you drink has a few dangerous aspects that you should know about. The main thing you should keep in mind is just how much you can drink, and how often. When you overeat, you end up stuffed. It will be a while before you can overeat again. When you drink a liter of sugary cola, it won’t be long at all until you can do so again. In fact, there may not even be a stopping period at all. Many people can just keep on drinking soda all day without a single break. Caffeinated drinks don’t quench your thirst so you have to keep drinking more.

Food takes a long time to break down in our digestive system. But liquids can move through you rather quickly. Beverages are less filling, and it tends to move through you faster than you can drink it. Imagine how unhealthy you could become if you were able to eat unhealthy food without ever getting full, you just had the physical capacity to keep on eating and eating in one setting without any kind of limitation. Well, that’s practically what you have when it comes to unhealthy drinks. You can just keep on taking in more and more sugars with very little physical limitations.

Soda has become the unhealthy drink of choice. While milkshakes are even worse for us, soda applies more heavily to the problem of drinking nonstop. Soda can be bad for us in so many ways. The fact that it’s fattening is just one of the many dangerous problems it brings to the table. Soda is also notorious for staining your teeth and giving cavities. One of the biggest problems that most people don’t even seem to realize is that it dehydrates you. This isn’t a problem most people would expect from a beverage, but it’s true.

Your body will start to weaken if you only eat bad foods while ignoring healthy necessities. The same is true if you never drink anything that doesn’t have caffeine and sugar. The bad stuff in soda doesn’t keep you hydrated the way water does. Ignoring real drinks for sugar in a bottle has actually landed people in the emergency room due to dehydration.

Drinking diet soda has limit effectiveness. While it doesn’t have the sugar of regular soda, it still isn’t going to keep you hydrated or do your teeth any favors. Diet drinks also seem to make many people feel hungrier.

No soda, diet or otherwise, will ever be better for you than water.

Another problem with too much caffeine is it can hinder your sleep. Giving up caffeinated drinks often helps people who suffer from insomnia.

No soda, diet or otherwise, will ever be better for you than water.

If you need a sweet drink, try some good old fashion juice. It does contain vitamins and provides your body with some benefits. But it’s still high in sugar. Consider squeezing some lemon or lime juice into cold water. You’ll get a taste of “juice” without the high suger.

Some doctors even recommend drinking two glasses of wine a day for the antioxidants and helping to regulate the bloodstream. There are ways to drink something sweet without killing yourself on the inside.

Track your drinking habits for one week and see how many times you try to sneak in a soda. You may be surprised at how many calories you’re pumping into your body by the things you drink. Stay away from the Big Gulps at the convenience store and you may finally shed those extra pounds.